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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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like lobbing balls like zombies. >> the group set a record for continue use dodge ball playing. the most important thing is they raised money for an africa charity. >> . we'll have more at abc2 news at 6:00. it starts for you right now. now, abc2 news at 6:00. >> winter weather sweeping through the south and making its way to us here in baltimore. we could see a different view this time tomorrow night. good evening, i'm jamie costello. we'll go to the storm center. wyatt everhart has the forecast. >> jamie, we're tracking a large storm from the south. the storm is due in here in 24 hours. that's not going to be the case tomorrow night. here's why.
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the big storm is gathering over the carolinas. that's putting down the wintry mix in charleston and raleigh. the winter storm watch is this, baltimore and the surrounding counties. also threw pg and the eastern shore. several counties will get more than us. a winter storm warning could show 5 inches or more. the show gets heavier by 8:00 p.m. and it won't block until 2:00 a.m. in the morning. in the wake of it, several inches around baltimore and highier totals around cecil county. don't forget to go to our website. you can track the storm in your neighborhood and find the latest forecast with all of the closings and delays. we have learned more real information about an out of
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control fight. two are dead including a baltimore police officer. we'll go to roosevelt leftwich with the latest. >> reporter: bealefeld out lined more information to let us know what happened to lead to the death of one of their officers. he died on sunday night. here's what we know so far. he responded to a disturbance at the lounge on packer street sunday morning police say he got into a fight with patrons during the fight, he was shot with a 22-year-old. police say their investigation is on going, they're not sure who shot who in the case. in the meantime, the veteran officer was shot and killed and liked by his peers and community. >> william loved being a cop.
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he worked really hard at it. he was deeply loved by his family. >> reporter: now, the police say they were 41 shots fired in this incident. all were fired by the police officers including himself. the other officers were involved in this and they're identified by the police department. an 11-year-old veteran was shot in the foot. he'll recover fine. a 17 year veteran, a 13 year veteran and a 9 year veteran were involved. all are suspended with pay. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. and an fbi task force is taking over the investigation of the fiery packages sent last week. the maryland joint terrific force is leading the
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investigation. the packages were addressed to governor o'malley and janet napolitano and beverly stalely. the packages included complaining notes about the state's terror tip line. last night, we told you that the police arrested a 32- year-old in advance who's the -- in vegas who's an exboyfriend of a dancer from baltimore who was found dead in advance. she was reported missing in las vegas last month when she didn't show up for work. george huguely is charged in the death of yeardley love. she was found dead in her
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cockeysville apartment in may. friday, the police filed charges against hughly. the aberdeen police is asking, what lead to the death of a 16-year-old at the home on the 200 block of edmond street. the police are, whoing to track down the people at the home at the time of the stabbing. >> we're looking for several subjects at the house at the time of the incident. >> the police identified the 16- year-old victim as a thomas burtsal, jr.. anyone with incomes, call the police investigation site. the police in baltimore county say that a burglar who got into a shoot out knew his victim. he was his bash -- barber's wife.
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he killed himself with an ak- 47. >> reporter: he's the subject of a man hunt friday. a burglar toting an assault rifle. here in essex, the owner regarded the 36-year-old ronald bus as his own son. >> he worked for me, i raised him. he lived with me and everything. >> reporter: there was nothing random about the attempt that led to the shoot out 2010 the two. >> it's believed that the suspect had gone to the business and had his hair cut at their business and knew them through their business. >> what the police didn't say was that the robber worked next door to the barbershop for a decade. he and the victim's husband were good friends. >> he knew him for 15 years.
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he got his hair cut every friday. >> reporter: it's not clear if he skipped the hair cut friday before he entered their home. he recently had fallen into a drug habit and lost his job and his wife left him. she auctioned off his motorcycle on ebay. he hit rock bottom. still, something doesn't add up. >> i've seen him shoot, he can shoot well. if he was unloading bullets, he would have hit her if he wanted to hit her. there's more to the story. >> reporter: the gunman's friends say he served time before. he may have taken his own life instead of returning to prison. jeff hager, abc2 news. the homeowner fired two guns herself.
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her son answered the son of the door and said that the family doesn't wish to comment on the incident. [bells tolling] silence fell across tap toll -- capitol hill and the nation to honor the victims of the deadly shooting in arizona. it's a scene that unfolded at a tucson supermarket. the gunman turned the gun on gabrielle giffords and six more around her. kelly swoope has more. >> reporter: it was a terrible story. everywhere people were talking about it. as gifford is continuing to fight for her life. members of congress say saturday's shooting is a reminder that words carry weight. ben cardin calls what happened this weekend an attack on the
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nation's political process since those gathering outside of the supermarket were trying to meet with an elected leader. >> we're asking everyone to calm down the rhetoric. we don't want to make assumptions about cause and effect. it's important to watch the words used. words have consequences. let's tone down the rhetoric. >> reporter: barbara mikulski said that the shooting was a tragic and terrible incident. we need to lower the level across all levels of discussion, we need less part tan -- partisanship and more citizenship. we're all in this together. all right, with the help now, the federal transportation
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grant makes it that the police can use smart technology. today, the safety administration handed over a $400,000 check for the so called smart technology. the department is going to use the money to purchase 200 citation systems for patrol cars. when the program is exstand -- expanded, that could track vehicles all across the country. it's a very specialized area of traffic enforcement, understanding the code and safety requirements for commercial vehicles and what they're hauling and when they can haul it. this helps the officers understand the vehicle operations. >> a community college will partner up with teaching how to use the technology. we, for the 8th time in three years, it comes down to the ravens and pittsburgh. if you need a reminder, take a
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look around. this town is in a purple haze. people painted the town purple from bwi to towson's patriot plaza. speaking of the patriots. if we win in pittsburgh and the jets win, guess he's hosting the championship? you've seen the pictures and the ads. all claiming if you pop a pill, you'll lose 14 pounds. you have the raven's in minds. we'll look at the scam out there. also, could tomorrow be the day for all of you who waited for verizon's i, the i may blanket you tomorrow. >> well, we have the ipads in, it makes sense. 35 degrees at bwi.
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that's it. we forecasted 31, we didn'ted -- didn't keep it within two degrees. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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tomorrow, tomorrow could be the day! is the iphone heading for verizon? verizon and apple could make an announcement tomorrow. at&t has been the carrier for iphone since the debut in 2007. >> >> it's one of the top new year's resolutions, losing weight. scammers are seeing dollar
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signs with that. we'll explain how in the scam alert! >> reporter: it seems once the ball drops, many think about dropping something else, their weight. >> there's great demand for change in our life, we'll look at some fads and some trends that may be too good to be true. >> reporter: we've seen the products that make it easy. it's a line they want you to swallow. the bbb says you have to be careful with the pills. >> they make claims to be safe. many haven't been tested. >> reporter: she says that buying them may also test your patience. many are sold through clubs where the seller wants you to buy the pills and wants you to recruit them as well. it may be about someone else gaining cash. >> it becomes a multilevel marketing. is it about the product or your
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friend or that family member or whoever making money? >> and the bbb says that many scammed companies pull you in by free offers and often times, they don't ship the supplements. you're stuck shipping the product even though it may not work. >> we know that common sense needs to prevail. >> otherwise, you could end up feeling the burn. abc2 news. local couples claiming victory in their fight to get action against a laurel car dealer. they're among the dozens who claim that we buy cars defrauded them. as part of our investigation last year, we told you how the company bought the cars and wrote bad checks. they sold the car and cut the company a check and it was never paid. they filed the lawsuit against
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the company and today, the judge ordered them to pay them back. >> we did get something. so, it's, well, it feels good to be done with it after dealing with it for so long. >> according to the mda, 60 people filed complaints. today, about a third have gotten the cars back from the dealer. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> i was in that mess coming, right? >> well, that was atlanta. >> you flew back from kansas city this morning. >> yeah, at 4:00 and i see the sign, des moin. i say, get me out of here! yeah, glad you're back. >> we have more snow from atlanta, georgia. a big hub there. headaches there. tomorrow, not any better.
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places like philly and atlantic city, they'll be innone dated. 24 hours and counting. this is a beautiful site. no snow on the ground and nice, dry roads. enjoy them while we have them. 29degrees and cold. this a beautiful looking day, but the way it feels, it makes you wish for march 21st to get here. it's a cold and cold looking day. not so much here in atlanta. dealing with snow, it's packed down. they have no plowing down there. major headaches. that's the same system heading our way. dulles, 30 and hagerstown, 27. i think that the national weather service has it here in terms of the watches. baltimore and howard county up north and east. once you're in delaware and new jersey where the more intense snow will be tomorrow, that's
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where there's a warning. we have a watch here now and the potential for several inches of accumulating snow towards the jersey coast. they've had that several times here. a lot of snow in the carolinas to night. it's slowed down actually. it looks like it's knocking on our door, it will be a slow progression in maryland. this is going to compete with the storm in the upper midwest. this could make it weaker than it could become. approaching into the afternoon tomorrow. looking for snow showers to develop. especially towards 3:00, 4:00. that's starting around 3:00, 4, and on. this takes a little bit of snow. we'll have a wintry mix at the beach. the snow kicks in a highier effect tomorrow night. a steadier snow late tomorrow
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night. wednesday, a cold, blustery day. early snowfall totals and they're subject to some change. right now, i think that the solid two inches around baltimore and annapolis maybe a 1 to 2 inches towards d.c.. north and up towards d.c., you'll get into 4 inches and more towards jersey and philly. another storm looks like the main track will miss us, we'll still get some snow, no doubt. snow showers begin tomorrow night as the clouds thicken up. 32 and at or below freezing. 24 tomorrow night. the snow will be steady and we're thinking 2 to 4 inches around baltimore and more to the north and east. even the northern eastern shore, you'll get more. cold throughout the next seven- days. very january looking. all right, wyatt, thank
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you. children and their health. that's a forum that was held. it was part of a series that the governor is hosting. it brought together health care experts to give the administration more incite on when it comes to health care policies. today's forum is important as we put together the thinkers and the doers of health care. it will give us the better knowledge of what we can do to make things better. >> other forms include jobs and the economy and sustainability. we'll look at the drive home tonight. everything is going to 70. we'll go best for saturday's game in pittsburgh. join the crowd. get in line, let's go.
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>> all right, he has a time line. let's go. >> well, the storm is slowing down. it's a late commute for us. the morning and the lunch hour commutes are fine. you can see the storm putting down the snow for us now. north carolina and a wintry mix in south carolina. we'll get cloudy skies by midday, snow showers by 4:00, and 5:00, snow is steadier by 8:00. we'll have a few inches on the
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ground. even, winds morning it's slick. will there be night school tomorrow? >> well, tomorrow morning, that's all right. that's it for us at 6:00. have a great rest of your night
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